M Car was established in Cairo - Egypt 2015 to serve the international & Local rental car & transportations industry with a full arrangement team. In short period we grew rapidly to become one of the top car rental agents in Egypt.

M Car has successfully held a position among the top Rental car and transportation companies in Egypt. Through its wide network and offices throughout Egypt, our company makes sure that our client is surrounded by our caring staff wherever he is. Our network of branches is serving you in major cities such as, Cairo, Luxor and Sharm el Sheikh. With our head office located in Cairo.

The company is constantly updating its services in order to include a wider variety of Rental car & transportations packages and offers so as to develop a greater customer satisfaction. With our highly trained, experienced and friendly staff at your command 24/7.

M Car Egypt offers a range of flexible products and services that can be adapted to your particular constraints and needs